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Tim Oksanen’s new album features 11 new tracks spanning across genres including easy listening, contemporary pop, jazz, and contemporary classical. Recorded in various studios across Australia and the USA, a number of artists showcase their talent to bring about welcome surprises throughout. Vocals from the likes of Janet O’Sullivan, Naomi Oksanen and Christine Oksanen bring about another dimension to their respective tracks. George McArdle (bass guitarist from the classic line up of the Little River Band) also displays his class throughout the album, beautifully complimenting each track. The album is available on all major online stores and streaming services including iTunes and Spotify.

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Tim Oksanen is a songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. Aside from his contemporary classical and occasional jazz instrumental pieces, Oksanen takes stories of love and loss and presents them to almost clarify the raw emotion felt in significant moments in life.

The album 'Red' is Tim Oksanen's latest work. It takes a journey through a search for purpose, the excitement of love and the pain of loss. The project began on the four year anniversary of Oksanen's grandmother's passing when he wrote the song Four Years. Later though, Oksanen's writing drew inspiration from more uplifting events such as his marriage to wife Naomi, who features on the album in the song Love's Dance. Also undeniably evident in the album is a faith in God that penetrates and holds each track. The album displays a heart willing to be shared in a synergy of brokenness and wholeness.

The purpose of music is to stir emotion. Yet even more, music should aspire to bring healing and inspiration. In Oksanen's work, the listener has an opportunity to remember their past, whether joyful or painful. The gentle reminder of loss concurrently invites closure while the reminder of love breathes excitement for a relit passion.

Tim Oksanen shows a healthy ear for bright, shiny melodies and themes that get stuck in your mind...

Wildy Haskel

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